Working with Hilton Foods UK

What It’s Like to Work for Us

We are busy and successful FMCG Company operating within a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.  Our teams of high-calibre specialists work within close-knit teams to achieve top quality results in all areas of the business.

We have an innovative approach to all we do and are always looking for better ways of doing things. This drive for continual improvement is what makes us so successful and to achieve this level of success our people need to be tenacious, results driven, pro-active and willing to do whatever is necessary to serve our customer.

How we Develop our Staff

Training and development of all our staff, at all levels within the Company, is at the very heart of our people philosophy.

In addition to basic induction training we have a number of further training programmes which encourage our staff to achieve their full potential.  These programmes range from –

On-the-Job Training

We have a team of dedicated trainers based in each of our Production Units, who ensure that new staff are supported and made to feel they are part of the team.

Skills Matrices progression.  We have developed structured Skills Matrices for all non-unique jobs within our business which set out the skills and competencies required for each level from basic operative to Line Manager. Staff are trained and encouraged to work their way up these Matrix levels within their own areas.

Personal Development

We have our own personal development scheme – Hilton Meats Personal Effectiveness (HMPE) where staff from all areas within the business who show potential are given off-site training in 4 separate modules of 2 days each.  After each module they have to show how they have applied the learning back at work and the benefits that have been gained.

Graduate Trainee Programme

We run a Graduate Trainee programme where we take in several graduates each year with a meat/agriculture background. We support them through a modular study programme with Bristol University and when completed they are awarded an MSc in Meat Science. At the same time they work through an internal training programme which sees them working in each department within our business, from Intake through to Product Development, Purchasing, Planning, Production, Technical, Commercial etc.

At the completion of the two year programme they will be offered a junior management position.

Business Support Trainees

Running in parallel with our Graduate Trainee Programme our Business Support Trainee Programme offers structured training to people with potential who have opted not to go University. They are given the opportunity to be trained in a number of different support departments within the company over a two year period so that they are able to provide administrative support wherever it is needed, either to cover for absence, or to assist with a busy workload, or special project and for some this will be the stepping stone to a future management role within Hilton.

Engineering Apprentices

We have several engineering apprentices who are given day release one day a week to study for engineering qualifications at the local College, whilst at the same time getting on-the-job training within the Engineering Department.  This has proved a very successful way of getting the high calibre engineers we need who fully understand the specialised needs of our business. 

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