Working with Hilton Foods Ireland

What It’s Like to Work for Us

We are a fast paced, food manufacturing company, operating with approximately 300 people within our site in Drogheda.  Our MD, along with a team of 8 Senior Managers, are continually challenged to develop and grow our business in line with the requirements of our customer.  Our business is broken into 8 key areas which include: Operations, Supply Chain, Technical, Category (commercial), Engineering, HR, Systems, and Finance and these teams work closely together to ensure we meet the needs of our customer, our business and our employees.

At Hilton Foods Ireland we continually strive to improve our ways of working and we have recently embarked on a Lean program where our goal is to eliminate waste from all business processes.  This will involve reduced setup and changeover times, implementing efficient and effective quality controls and perhaps most of all, to design business processes that maximize the efficiency of human and machine labour.

How we Develop our Staff

In Hilton Foods Ireland we aim to create a culture of learning whereby individuals take responsibility in partnership with Hilton for their development. We recognise the need to develop our people so that they are fully equipped to deliver our business objectives; both now and however they may change in the future. 

Training and development of all our staff, at all levels within the Company, is at the very heart of our people philosophy and falls under a number of categories:

Induction Training

Training begins when an employee commences with Hilton.  Our induction program outlines what the company does via presentations, video and factory tours. Employees are shown the product, i.e. the meat, and they get an understanding of the work flow.  This line of interaction is continued via the employees Line Manager and is continuously reviewed at a senior level.  

On-the-Job Training

On an on-going basis, teams are spoken to about current work practices, what works well, what are the blockers in their daily processes – the aim of which is to take out any noise in the process and to ensure that the work done is adding value.  Employee feedback is crucial to improve the work processes and often changes resulting from these sessions improve how the business operates, benefiting all in Hilton Foods and our customer.

All new staff are supported by their Line Leaders and a dedicated Production Trainer who is responsible for ensuring they understand the new work processes and procedures and that they are made to feel they are part of the team.

Personal Development

Each year all employees sit with their manager at a Development Meeting.  This meeting ensures all parties know the role the employee plays within the business, feedback is given on performance and they agree areas for development as required.  This is a critical one on one meeting which looks to continually provide a forum for two way communication and feedback within the business. We believe that by engaging our people, our employees will know their job, know what is expected of them, ensure they have been given the skills and resources to do their job, resulting in improved business efficiencies. 

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