HFG Sverige was established in 2004 and now produces 5.7 million portions a week at our facility in Västerås, Sweden.

We deliver consumer packaged meat and fresh pizza to approximately 1,300 ICA stores. ICA is the biggest retailer in Sweden. We are proud to have ICA as our partner and our goal is to offer the most competitive solutions through innovation, price and quality in close cooperation with our suppliers.

We have the most successful range on the market for beef, pork and lamb. With the help of the latest technology, we constantly develop our processes in order to always meet our customer and consumers' expectations. Our dynamic approach means we have the capacity to deliver to stores all across Sweden for ICA.

Today, over 200 people work with us, expanding to almost 300 people in the summer BBQ season. We know that our employees are the key to our continued success and so we offer attractive benefits, wellness activities and excellent opportunities for career advancement. We work together, and across borders, to fulfil our mission in a timely and efficient manner, and always with the customer's and our colleagues' best interests in mind.


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