SV Cuisine


SV Cuisine

At Sous Vide Cuisine we specialise in slow-cooked foods to deliver tender and tasty products that are convenient and quick to cook.

We joined the Hilton Food Group family in 2019 and cover a wide range of meat protein products: pork, beef, lamb, chicken and duck. Our key products include rib racks, beef joints, lamb shanks, pulled pork and chicken wings, all of which are slow cooked for up to five hours to deliver tender and perfectly prepared individual and family-sized meal solutions.

Our site at Wednesbury in the West Midlands has invested in production improvements through automation and improved process since joining the Hilton Food Group family, and the focus on continually improving our ways of working is key to our future success. At SV Cuisine we continually strive to delight our customer through a collaborative approach and an insight-led understanding of our market, our customer and our consumers. This ensures we are developing and improving our consumer offerings.

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