Hilton Food Solutions


Hilton Food Solutions

Hilton Food Solutions was established in January 2016 and is based in Huntingdon, UK. From here we are able to source from around the world with many of our alliance supply partners. Integrated within the group, we also have access to ten European processing sites and three APAC sites. Whatever our customers provenance and budget requirements, we can deliver through our network of global supplier partners.

Hilton Food Solutions is the centre of valued and trusted relationships between our suppliers and customers. The relationships we form are created on a foundation of excellent quality and service, and developed through expertise and passion. Hilton Food Solutions supply to many different food sectors covering food service, wholesale, manufacturing, e-commerce and retail. We understand that our customers have different requirements; therefore our approach focuses on offering a customised solution across a variety of fresh and frozen proteins in various packaging formats.

Innovation is at the heart of Hilton’s philosophy and the services we offer our customers. As a result, our approach to new product development has been globally recognised with numerous awards over recent years. We pride ourselves on our high standards and technical expertise. All our products are sourced with confidence in accordance with established and globally recognised Hilton quality standards.

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