We are always looking for new ways to do things better and to create new product ideas that will delight customers.

We are renowned for our innovative food ranges, culinary expertise and passion for food. We start with understanding the consumer and the influences of global trends, developing leading food innovation that is aligned to, and unique to each market. We are always looking for ways to do things better and to create new product ideas that will delight customers so we can continue to be proud of our award-winning product ranges.

Our Passion for Food

As a leading international food manufacturer, we are renowned for our innovative food ranges, culinary expertise and passion for food.
We work collaboratively with the customer to deliver leading food innovation aligning with their unique market place and consumer needs.

New Product Development

We are product development experts who understand the fundamentals of ingredients and processes. Our development teams include culinary experts, food scientists and process technologists.

We work collaboratively with each customer to understand their markets, and develop bespoke solutions to delight their consumers. We are dedicated to making sure our products succeed, providing value-added resources, regulatory assistance, training and research throughout the entire development process. Our expert knowledge takes the guesswork out of developing new products.


Inspiration from across the globe

Our richly talented culinary teams work to create the highest quality products and develop the latest food sensations, taking inspiration from across the globe and from our many markets. With a history of firsts behind us – bringing everything from plant-based proteins, ready meals, meat and fish concepts to the high street.


We hold product innovation and quality as a reflection the company’s core capability. As such, we are delighted when the quality and innovation of these products is recognised. During 2019 we received a number of national food and taste awards.

Our Products

Quality is our passion

Red Meat

We work in partnership with trusted suppliers to ensure high welfare standards from farm to fork to deliver great quality pork, beef, lamb and veal.

Strong investment in state-of-the-art technology makes us a leading international meat-packing business with expertise in a wide selection of cuts including steaks, chops, joints, ingredients and bacon together with diced and minced meats.

Our passion and insight, alongside our dedication to quality, helps us to keep innovating and producing award-winning products.

Innovation is our DNA

Added Value Meat

Our passion for innovation, alongside our culinary expertise, means we are always developing new products that are in line with the latest food trends and consumer insights.

Our added value ranges include sausages, burgers, meatballs, kebabs, meatloaf, schnitzel, and marinated steaks and joints.

We also focus on special occasions that range from creating sensational meal centres to exciting summer BBQ ranges.

Great taste is our aim


We work in partnership with trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality and welfare standards are achieved. Our focus and passion adds fantastic flavour profiles to poultry to create excitement and inspiration for any occasion, from a mid-week meal to a family BBQ.

Our range covers a variety of cuts that are coated in rich and full of flavour marinades.

Sustainability is our focus


We are committed to environmentally friendly fishing, sustainability and ethics by sourcing from farms and fisheries that are continually improving their high standards of quality, welfare and sustainability.

Our range of products covers salmon, white fish, smoked fish and prawns. We use artisan techniques for smoking in a 100-year-old brick chimney smokehouse using wood chippings to give a deep and distinctive flavour.

Simplicity is our mission

Added Value Fish

Our range of coated products includes fish cakes made with the highest quality ingredients to deliver great tasting products with fantastic oozing centres packed with flavour.

We are also the UK’s largest manufacturer of fish and sauce combinations that provide inspiring, convenient and easy-to-cook solutions.

We also offer a ready to enjoy range of products with some exciting added value flavours.

Our aspiration is to be the best

Food for Now

We put great tasting food at the heart of all our innovation, and alongside our leading food-safety standards. We know that eating on the go shouldn’t mean compromising on quality or taste. Our dedicated development teams with extensive expertise know exactly how to create great tasting quality products.

Our range includes sandwiches, wraps, baguettes, salads, hummus and pre-cooked burgers, all produced in a dedicated facility.

Our ambition is to delight

Food for Later

We know our consumer needs are changing and great tasting quality food is their desire. Our experienced culinary chefs focus on creating authentic and delicious foods from our highly invested and dedicated facility.

Our ranges include ready meals, pizza, garlic bread and soups. Our global knowledge and local expertise allow us to innovate international cuisines alongside local traditional dishes.

Our purpose is to delight every time

Vegetarian & Vegan

Our innovation teams are excited in extending our protein expertise into meat alternatives. Our market-leading approach is centred around delivering great-tasting products and creating fantastic food sensations.

Our range is forever growing and covers a variety of formats, breaded and un-breaded; vegetarian and vegan.

Inspiration is our goal

Slow Cooking

Our expert sous vide chefs are always creating new flavour profiles inspired by international cuisines. The process of slow cooking seals in juices and creates succulent and tender meat that is quick and easy for the consumer to prepare. Each product comes with a marinade made from high-quality ingredients, providing inspiration for any meal.

The range includes pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings, duck, lamb shanks, beef brisket and burnt ends.

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