Hilton Food Group Strategy is to support our customers' brands and their development in local markets, leading to sustainable growth. This clear and straightforward approach has generated great success and built us a strong reputation, for transparency, honesty and agile thinking, backed up with modern and well-invested facilities.

Hilton Food Group builds its success with customers based upon:

  1. Investment in consumer insight and staying ahead of the curve of food and consumer trends.
  2. Growing volumes and extending ranges offered to its existing customers.
  3. Investing in new technology and facilities as required.
  4. Maintaining a total focus on food safety, quality and integrity.
  5. Entering new territories and markets either with new partners or existing.

Whilst we continue to pursue expansion our key focus is to strengthen and develop existing business partnerships. We are a loyal and committed partner with a track record of delivering value through quality products, with the highest levels of food safety, whilst providing a range of services which enable our customers to evolve and improve their food supply chain management.

Our customer base comprises of high-quality retailers and our in depth understanding of them and their consumers needs enables us to offer agile solutions in response to marketplace changes. This together with continuing increases in efficiency and cost competitiveness remains at the core of our business strategy.

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