We’re continuously looking at ways to improve our operations and the value we deliver to our customers.



Hilton Food Group's strategy is to support our customers’ brands and their development in local markets, leading to sustainable growth. This clear and straightforward approach has generated great success and built us a strong reputation for transparency, honesty and agile thinking, backed up with modern and well-invested facilities.

We Usually commit to working with just one retail partner in any given market.

  • What we deliver for our partner is determined by their commercial agenda and their competitive pressures. We dedicate ourselves to fully understanding both.
  • We then design an entire operation and supply chain around their needs and priorities.
  • Through our service model (the people and the processes we set up), we aim to meet the needs of our partners’ culture, structure and operational requirements. In other words, what we do and what we deliver is designed around them.
  • We focus on their specific consumers and on the trends that impact their needs and preferences.

Optimising Process


We have a constant appetite to be better at what we do. We never stop looking at all avenues to improve our processes. This helps us fuel our global growth.

Our manufacturing excellence programme allows us to connect all KPI's. The programme gives us direct connections throughout our businesses to ensure we have instant knowledge and communications. The result? We never miss a target.

Our Agility

What makes us different is not only the products and services we bring to a customer, but the way we adapt them to deliver bespoke solutions.
Starting with the consumers, we establish what is best for them and for our customer. From this we align our products and services to ensure we deliver what the consumer needs in the most efficient way possible, where quality and service are guaranteed.

Automation in Factories

Staying ahead of the curve is paramount to our success. Whether it’s innovating within robotics in Holland, augmented reality in the UK or state-of-the-art automation in warehousing for Australia, our partnerships with suppliers demonstrate that we are different as we stay ahead of our competitors at all times.

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Supply Chain Insights

Our Procurement Insight Team supports commercial and procurement functions across our business and our customer base. We provide market expertise and insight using bespoke cloud-based resources and tailored analysis to help teams deliver cost-effective and sustainable purchasing.

We combine the latest market information, analytics and horizon scanning to help build long-term and resilient purchasing strategies. Our expertise extends across trade, tariffs and policy to help ensure that purchasing strategies remain relevant in an evolving market. We have built up a broad base of knowledge across many markets that allows us to implement best practices in every market we approach.

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