Machine Operator

Machine Operator


Daily operations of a designated production line/team within the Production Hall.


With respect to Production metrics, ensure support is given to the Team Leader as follows:

  1. Efficiencies: Through the PIT process, escalate any unresolved issues affecting line/team performance to the supervisor and carry out agreed actions in order to correct any losses.
  2. Giveaways: Monitor product giveaways and ensure targets are met. Escalate any issues affecting giveaways to the supervisor.
  3. Waste: Monitor waste through the mass balance reports and support the investigation/actioning of any non-conforming processes/products in order to reduce waste and ensure that Batch Yield is on target.
  4. Labour costs: Be aware of the labour manning levels of the designated production line/team and support the Supervisor/Production Manager in efforts to improve this labour cost.
  5. DOT: Be aware of despatch requirements. Make sure the team leader is aware of any unplanned events that will affect DOT.
  6. Customer Complaints: Deviations from quality should be actioned in order to minimise the risk of customer complaints.
  7. Audit Ready: Ensure production area is audit-ready at all times.
  8. CCPS: Ensure any issues regarding CCPs are highlighted immediately to the Supervisor/Shift Manager and QA team.
  9. Ensure all Omega information is logged correctly.
  10. Ensure all product/batch is cleared from the end of line prior to the start of the next product/batch.
  11. Escalate any product quality issues to team leader with solutions.

Manage the daily production function of the line/team with regard to:

  1. Completing paperwork.
  2. Servicing the line.
  3. Liaising with the team leader and planning tool changes.
  4. Understanding product specifications and making sure specs are available.
  5. Operating machinery as required.


  1. Support the team in the implementation and improvement of procedures and processes to ensure required standards of work are met.
  2. Provide supporting evidence to Supervisor/Shift Manager for all team appraisals.
  3. Provide recommendations to training function for all line operators.
  4. Ensure effective lines of communications are in place between the Production Line/Team under the Line Leader’s supervision, and the supervisor/Production Manager.

Daily personnel management including:

  1. Monitoring of staff performance and escalation of any poor/under performance.
  2. Positive motivation of reporting staff.
  3. Proactively engaging the Team / Supervisor / Production Manager with ideas for personal development.

Continuous Improvement

Ensure the culture of continuous improvement is maintained and developed in the respective areas through participation in the 6S, PIT and RIT project processes.

Play an active role in writing line-based SOPs, providing accurate information to ensure procedures are accurate.

Salary: £7.36 - £7.64 per hour, plus shift premium.

Please submit all CVs and enquiries to our resourcing team by email to: [email protected]

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