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Hilton’s strategy is to build on its strong historic growth, leveraging its established business model by focussing on the following key areas:

Expansion with Existing Customers

Given the success demonstrated by Hilton to date with its existing customers, the Directors believe that Hilton is well placed to build on its strong customer relationships by participating in new initiatives either via product extension or new product development in existing territories and via partnering with customers in their overseas expansion plans.

The Directors believe that the opening of Hilton’s operations in Ireland is a good example of how Hilton’s expertise in central meat packing can be replicated across different territories with existing customers. The Directors believe that Hilton is well positioned to continue expanding its operations with its existing customer base of major international food retailers.

Hilton works closely with its customers on both developing and extending the range of products it offers. The Group’s flexible supply and production chain allow it to add new production lines relatively easily, taking advantage of consumer-led trends, such as the growth in barbecue products. Hilton also works on developing innovative packaging to further develop its customers’ own label offerings.

Continual Focus on Cost & Quality

Over the decade to December 2014, we have invested continuously, across all areas of our business, from the sourcing of raw materials, the design of packaging materials, increased efficiency in processing and storage solutions and updating our IT infrastructure. Capital expenditure over this period has totalled nearly £200m.

Hilton maintains these facilities at the advanced technological level required for efficient operations that support high volumetric utilisation, thereby ensuring Hilton continues to maintain quality and remain cost competitive.

Hilton maintains cost reduction initiatives across the Group with resultant savings shared between Hilton and its customers, improving customer satisfaction and stimulating demand for higher volumes.

Investment in Our Facilities

Hilton continues to invest in all its facilities to maintain the state of the art levels required to service its customers' growth, progressively extend the range of products supplied to those customers & deliver both first class service levels & continuing increases in production efficiency.

New Customers

Hilton continues to focus on opportunities for geographical expansion. Whilst its relationships with its existing customers have afforded Hilton the opportunity to expand with those customers, the Directors believe that Hilton’s track record and outstanding facilities also provide a credible basis for attracting new customers in new countries and exploring where Hilton’s business model can, appropriately adapted, produce economic advantages for both parties. Opportunities are identified by active consideration of market developments and evaluation of approaches from potential new customers.

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