Working with HFG Sverige

Working for HFG Sverige AB

“Our passion for meat contributes to the joy of food and creates a simpler life – the obvious choice!” That is our vision. We are proud to be experts on meat and production processes. 

Food safety is essential to our business. Customers and consumers expect us to keep a high level of hygiene and quality. 

Our core values are Clarity, Responsibility, Collaboration and Customer focus. Communication should be open, honest and straightforward, and we always have the customer’s and the company’s best interest in mind. We work together, within our own teams and across boundaries, to fulfill our mission in a timely and efficient manner. 

HFG Sverige always strives to be the best in the business. Therefore, we constantly focus on increasing our volumes and developing our product range. 

In order to be a member of our fast-moving, team-based workplace, our staff must be professional in their roles and be able to work within the Swedish structure. They need to be accurate and careful, and willing to do that little extra for the customer. 

How we Develop our Staff 

New co-workers attend an induction course that introduces them to their workplaces and presents practical information about being an employee at HFG Sverige. 

It is important to us that our co-workers are skilled in their professions. Each position at HFG requires its special abilities. Our objective is to enable staff to develop in their work. Therefore, we provide a number of different training courses. 

On-the-Job Training

Some of our equipment and installations are unique. In order to operate them, the most important training is obtained from colleagues in the workplace. We work in close teams, where knowledge is passed on from co-workers and line operators to new members of staff. 

We believe that daily team work creates an understanding both for the job and for the people around us. Learning by doing and learning by working together are essential keys to developing skills. 

Personal Development

Every member of staff gets their own annual performance review. Together with their superior manager they set up personal development plans to suit their individual capabilities and ambitions. 

There are good opportunities for advancement at HFG Sverige AB. Historically, a number of motivated co-workers have moved on to new positions within the company.

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